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Torchwood Season 3 trailer: beware the children!

Season 3 trailer: beware the children!

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Double Peppermint Schnapps on the Rocks

Double Peppermint Schnapps on the Rocks
By: Kingston Amadan

Many years ago when I was young, attractive and a viable commodity on the dating market, I was employed as a bartender. Believe it or not, I actually went to "school" to learn this trade. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, and I decided to attend a local bartending academy (translated - you pay us and we'll get you a job as a bartender). Six years, 50,000 bottles of Bud Light and several hundred Captain and cokes later I finally hung up my shaker, but not before I learned a valuable trick ot two about meeting other singles at a club. The three peices of wisdom I feel safe imparting with are as follows:

# 1 Never go alone

#2 Pretend you don't care if you meet someone or not (even though we both know what you are there for, you slut) AND...

#3 Double peppermint shnapps on the rocks

OK, 1 and 2 are fairly simple to understand...but what's up with number 3, you ask?

It's simple, really. You've shown up looking like a million dollars (or $138.57 in my case). You make eye contact with the guy or girl you want to meet. You finally muster up the courage to go over and introduce yourself and then what do you do? Of lean in and turn your head so as not to expose your future victim to the intoxicating mix of cheap beer and saliva your teeth are fermenting in. Why do you do this? You do it because YOU KNOW your breath is bad. How could it not be? Most mixed drinks, beer and liquors aren't doing your delivery any favors. So what's the solution? Double peppermint schnapps on the rocks. I remember vividly that one gentleman at a nightclub I worked at always ordered it, every single time he came in. Guess what...he never went home alone unless he wanted to. Let's face it, you wouldn't immediately dismiss a man or woman who slurred his or her speech while hitting on you but you would put the kabash on a bad breath encounter quicker than you could say "last call". No one likes to see someone at their worst, but to smell someone at their worst is far more disgusting. So the next time you go to the club looking for a romantic encounter, order the one drink that might help you out. If you really want to be safe, send one over to the table of the person you are interested in before you take that long walk over to make your case. Good luck and good breath.

Easy Ways To Save Money & Abundance Revisited

Easy Ways To Save Money & Abundance Revisited
By: Roger Soverhead

A penny saved is a penny earned so they say. Today most people want to save all the pennies they can, in fact if you look after the pennies the "pounds" will look after themselves.

Now I'm not saying you should be a cheapskate but if you go around wasting money you won't be able to say you are "Pennywise"

Now a good example of how to save money is this. You might be down at the mall or Ice Skating and you find yourself getting hungry.

You could immediately go to a local fried chicken or hamburger franchise. There you will find amyriad of ways to "Waste your money"... Yes thats right!!

Now when a detective arrives on a crime scene one of the first questions he should ask himself is this "Who stands to gain financially from this crime?"

See what I mean? You spend your good money so someone can poison you with overdoses of sugar, chemicals, transfats etc etc.

A better idea is this. Cut some fresh fruit into small easy to bite pieces, put it into a plastic bag and take it with you when you go out. You might be in a barbershop or haberdashery for example when hunger pangs stike. No problem, two peices of melon are quickly taken from the pocket, delicious.

Don't worry if you feel this is contrary to todays "norm". It is. But if you want to start a trend... THIS IS the way to do it. Maybe yo can discover another way to eat a banana or something and get the method named after you. I'm not kidding. Ask the EARL of SANDWICH if you think I'm kidding.

The History Of Cell Phones - How Did The Cell Phone Come About ?

The History Of Cell Phones - How Did The Cell Phone Come About ?
By: Mike Singh

The idea for cell phones has been around for a lot longer than the technology to provide them was. As soon as the first landlines came into use, people had the idea of improving the convenience and flexibility of this new communication medium, and of bringing it to new areas such as cars. At first, cell phones were little more than two way portable radios, but as technology improved, the concepts behind cell phones improved rapidly.

Bell labs and Motorola were both involved in a dramatic race to see who could invent the first viable cell phones. While Bell labs had installed innovative radio systems into police cars, these devices were far too large for anyone to carry around and were thus impractical as a truly mobile telephone. However, in 1973, Martin Cooper, a scientist working for Motorola successfully made the first ever cell phone call using a portable handset. The age of the cell phone was at last born, and who did he call? None other than his rival at Bell Labs, Joel Engel, who had been racing with him to create the invention.

Within a couple of years, both Bell and AT&T had come up with prototypes of their own and the first trial areas were set up. Chicago and Tokyo were the first cities in the world where you could use a cell phone but their availability was extremely limited and the new phones were only available to a select number of trial customers to begin with. For example, the 1979 trial venture in Chicago distributed cell phones to just 2000 customers.

The idea caught on like wildfire. By 1987 there were over one million cell phone users in the US alone. It seemed as if everyone wanted a cell phone and the major companies involved had really hit a home run. However, there were difficulties. For example, in the US, the FCC regulates and allocates radio bandwidth for different purposes. The radio spectrum is limited and can become ‘full’, so it is necessary to control who gets use of different parts of it. The area they licensed for cell phones, at 800 MHz was quickly crowded. However, instead of giving more, they forced the cell phone companies to improve technology and come up with more efficient ways of utilising the bandwidth they had. By the end of the 80’s this had been achieved and the cell phone age we know at present really got underway. And the rest as they say is history.